About John Mattes

About John Mattes

My nutrition philosophy is there is no one size fits all approach to all my clients. I have mastered many of the most popular nutrition disciplines and work with my clients to identity the philosophy that works best for your lifestyle.

Although there are health building blocks everyone needs to learn to be successful, these will be learned over time because all clients unless highly advanced or motivated by major health crisis can not learn more than 1-2 health concepts at a time.

Unlike most coaches I look at the all facets of health from proper breathing, stress mitigation, sleep optimization, and optimal hydration to ensure all clients maximize their health success.

John's Story


“You will die and never see your nephew graduate!”

Those were the words my sister Debbie said to me as I lied in the hospital after suffering a massive pulmonary embolism that left a good portion of my lung function blocked. These were caused by DVT blood clots in my right leg. At the time I weight more than 425 pounds and had no promise of seeing another day. I was a raging diabetic with an A1C over 12 and had blood pressure readings high enough to kill anyone.

I had to take a long sobering look at my life and start to make changes in my life to ensure I lived and was able to see my nephew graduate. I had to do this while struggling with the demands of travel as a busy sales executive. Over the course of 15 months I went on to lose 190 pounds, get off all medication, and reclaim my life. This was accomplished by focusing on three elements I call the health trinity - Nutrition, Sleep, and Water.

As I lost the weight and shared my story I had many people come to me asking for help. I quickly realized that not everyone was in dire straits like I had been and could change so many facets of there life in a short period and there was no one size fits all approach as all of us are unique in our own ways.

I started to educate myself in all things health by focusing on the best of breed health solutions in order to offer my clients options that fit best for them. This included becoming certified as a Level 1 Precision Nutrition Health Coach (Level 2 in progress), Primal Health Coach (Keto), and a 2B Mindset Certified Mentor. I continue to educate myself and am currently working on specializing in many other areas such as auto-immune disease and diabetes education.


About John Mattes Fitness


John Mattes Fitness was launched in 2018 to help show people who travel too much the path to healthy living.  I offer best in breed nutrition, mindset, and exercise coaching that empowers you to make lifelong health decisions.

John Mattes Fitness offers health consulting to individuals, groups, executives, and companies that want to improve their health and wellness.